Surviving a Remodel

Surviving a Remodel

Certainly the best way to live through a home remodel is to pack up and head to a beach house in Hawaii. Unfortunately, most people aren’t able to do that and must try to balance the construction crew and dust while also living in the home. Fortunately, there are a few survival tips that can help you live through the chaos.

Make boundaries right up front and make sure everyone is aware of the rules. Limit access to parts of the home not included in the construction and set a schedule for start and stop times. Get a collection of “do not disturb” signs for use around the home to ensure you have private spaces and times.

Boundaries should also include times set aside to discuss the project with the General Contractor, tradesmen and project managers. Make yourself available for times throughout the week on a regular basis so that you do not find decisions made quickly when you’re not focused.

Finally, be flexible. The activity and chaos is temporary. Do not expect to live your life in the same way as before. Enjoy take-out and visit local libraries and coffee shops for quiet reading areas. Embrace the adventure of it and you’ll find it easier to endure and will look forward to the final results – your new home. 

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