Timeless Elegance – Creating an “Old Money” Look for your Home

Timeless Elegance – Creating an “Old Money” Look for your Home

There is a certain look and feel that just oozes “old money.” These homes are graceful and elegant with interiors that are timeless and beautiful. Far from changing with each trend, these homes offer a sense of history that is warm and inviting. Fortunately, creating a classic, “old money” home does not require generational wealth. Anyone can create a home of understated luxury. 

· Quality Matters – Ditch the big-box stores that offer trendy furniture and accessories. Spend the time and money investing in pieces that will last and never go out of style. Hand-crafted wood, leather, and marble items can be found at high-end stores or antique dealers and will be worth the price in the long run. 

· Antiques and Vintage – Time spent in antique stores will pay off with those special finds that lend depth to your home. Wonderful kilim rugs or an aged mirror will add charm to any space.

 · Formal Rooms – Most floorplans still offer separate “formal” dining and living spaces, yet many families never use them for that purpose. Carving out these areas for special use does not need to involve a special event. Even a weekday family dinner is an occasion to stop and enjoy a beautiful room. 

· Family Heirlooms – Incorporate those special items from grandma’s living room or the elegant set of China inherited from a great aunt. Tasteful art, books, and décor can also add a touch of personal family history. 

Most importantly, nothing is off limits. Add items that you love and enjoy. Far from a cluttered, shabby, old sense, this kind of style embraces the eclectic and timeless elegance of the “old money” crowd

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