Selling Due to Divorce?

Selling Due to Divorce?

Selling a home in the best of situations can be stressful; adding in a divorce and selling a home can seem impossible. It’s an emotional time for the whole family and this can cause you to make the wrong decisions in the sales process. In addition to finding the right real estate agent, who understands and can help guide you, here are a few tips for navigating this difficult process. 

Agree on Clear Objectives 

Before listing your home, sit down with your partner and define the goals of the sale. Do you want to move quickly? Are you willing to wait to maximize profits? Create a timeline with benchmarks and decision points together and understand how and when to reevaluate the goals. 

Open Communication 

Divorce involves complex emotions and selling the family home can certainly add to the stress. Determine ahead of time how, and how often, you will communicate regarding the progress of the sale. If amicable, you may be able to discuss the details together, if not, consider using a mediator to help. 

Set Realistic Expectations 

Discuss with your agent the expectations for listing, price, showings, open houses, etc. If one party is still living in the home, it can be especially disruptive to show the home on short notice. Both parties must agree to the parameters, to avoid conflict. Selling a home during a divorce can be particularly difficult. By working with your agent and your partner, you can minimize the emotional turmoil by planning

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