About Mike Nichols


I work with clients to assist them to buy and sell real estate whether it’s be their personal residence or investment properties so they can maximize their real estate opportunities and help them transition into the  different season of their lives.

I have a wide variety of expertise in the business having worked on site new construction and eventually into management where I the managing broker of a real estate office. I have listed and sold property all of the greater Nashville area. In 2009 had the honor of elected to be the president of the Greater Nashville Association of Realtor representing over 3000 of our members as the spokesperson for our organization

I moved to Nashville in 1982 to attend Belmont University. It was called college at the time and I came here to enroll in the music business program that Belmont offer. It was one of the few programs in the country at that time. After graduation and a brief stint in the music business, a friend of mine told me one day that I would be great in real estate. Needless to say, 31 years later I am still in it!

I have lives in Nashville for over 38 years and recently moved to Franklin, Tennessee.