Is the Suburbs right for you?

Is the Suburbs right for you?

The common assumption is that you live in the city when you’re young and then move to the suburbs when you’re ready to settle down. While no one can deny that raising children in an urban environment presents challenges, the truth is that not everyone is suited for the suburban lifestyle.

5 Reasons You Might Wish You Never Moved to the Suburbs

1. Chain Restaurants – Cities offer a wide variety of dining options—from steak houses to a world of ethnic restaurants, tapas bars, and microbreweries—all of which are open past 9 pm. In the suburbs, the choices are limited to chain restaurants. Limited suburban nightlife also translates to earlier closing times.

2. Chasing Contractors is a Way of Life – A big house with a yard brings neverending maintenance projects. Homeowners choose between the weekend honey-do list or writing the check for professionals.

3. Not Necessarily a Melting Pot – Suburbs tend to lack diversity. Even in 2021, most suburban dwellers gather with their own community. Cities tend to draw a wider variety of cultures and personalities.

4. You Need a Car – Living in the city means you can get places via public transportation, or walking. Suburbs rarely have public transportation options, and you’ll need your own vehicle to get to all the places sprawled across the suburbs.

5. School Choice Isn’t Automatic – One of the big draws to the suburbs is great schools, but this isn’t always the case. It can be overwhelming to choose a school in the suburbs if the assigned district is subpar, and the ‘right’ one is often miles away, making for a lot of chauffeuring kids and/or lengthy bus rides. Kids in the suburbs can’t always conveniently walk to school, either.

Choosing whether to live in the city or the suburbs is a personal choice, but it’s worth considering all the aspects of the differing lifestyles on offer. Even with children, a low-maintenance urban lifestyle with variety could still be the right place for you and your family.

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