Biophilic Design Trend – Embracing Nature at Home

Biophilic Design Trend – Embracing Nature at Home

Have you heard about the new style taking the interior design industry by storm? Biophilic Design is a growing trend among designers that incorporates natural elements, colors, patterns, and nature into the home décor in new and exciting ways. This focus on nature enhances the sense of well-being and transforms your living or working environment. 

One of the most exciting design features of biophilic principles is incorporating living plants into the style itself. Moving beyond simple house plants, more and more design magazines and style homes are adding a living wall to their interior rooms. Not only do they add a lush visual interest, but they also purify the air naturally. 

While utilizing natural elements like wood or stone has been a staple of interior design for a while, biophilic style features a more cohesive design. Mimicking the natural materials with corresponding patterns and colors throughout the space, this style eliminates the hard contrast between interior and outdoor spaces. Soft greens, earthy browns, subtle blues, and bright florals embrace the rooms in the biophilic design. 

Finally, there is a focus on bringing the outside in through merging techniques normally reserved for exterior spaces. Large windows flood rooms with natural sunlight which seem to eliminate the barrier between inside and outside. Indoor water features are another way to create a soothing environment that normally is reserved for the garden. 

Biophilic Design seeks to embrace nature and transform indoor spaces for a more serene and rejuvenating environment. By incorporating these trends, you can create a welcoming home that promotes well-being and creativity.

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