The Real Estate Season…..

The Real Estate Season…..

clock change_1413896684886_9232673_ver1.0_640_480Every sport has a season, its no different in real estate. Some markets may be hotter than others but there is always the ebb and flow of the real estate season. Here is a peak in the Nashville market.

I have been in real estate for over 28 years, I have come accustomed to our real estate season. It typically starts in in March about a month removed from the Super Bowl and the resetting of the clock forward to daylight savings. All of our clients who have been in hibernation after eating entirely too much food during the holidays and watching all the football bowl games ending with the grand finale , The Super Bowl,  finally crawl out of there house, start working on their taxes and realized it time to start looking for a house. As Realtors, we love this. We have been doing the same things our clients have been doing except for the occasional client that is moving either to or from Nashville and must either buy or sell there home. Ask most Realtors, what they are doing during this time, you will usually get the same answer. Business is good!!

Most of us spend the first quarter of the year, wrapping up the business that we cultivated before and during the holidays aka the post season. We too are coming out of the holiday hangover and  are preparing our taxes and it’s not pretty.  Being self employed, most  of us have not set aside enough for taxes. We suddenly very motivated! We pick up the phone, email some clients and get that deal that we need in the hopper to file our taxes by April 15th. Some of us our not so lucky so its extension time once again!!

Now March 9th rolls around! Opening day! Realtors are excited that we can finally go show property after work and its not dark anymore! Who came up with daylight saving time anyway??? We are now in full on real estate mode. Working with buyers and sellers, we are scrambling to get those deals done before mid season aka summer!

We manage to put together some serious real estate deals in the last part of the first quarter and first part of the second quarter  and are racing to get a much  done before schools out and vacation starts for not only our clients but us too.  Everybody needs and vacation and hopefully we have done enough deals to be able to get away for a least a week! Connected to our cell phone and laptops of course!! Our clients are doing the same except they have turn off their phones and they are no where to be found; Busy with summer camps, vacations, and family reunions. Summer slowly winds up and we are now into the second half of the season.

Vacations are over, school has finally started and its now the second half of the season. All those postcards, phones call and emails that you sent the first have of the year are finally staring to pay off. The phone is ringing and the deals are happening! You are feeling pretty good! You’ve got a small window until Nov 1..Daylight Savings Time before the post season and the playoffs begin.

Ah, the post season and playoffs! November 1st! Time changes again. It’s now dark at 4:30 and nobody really wants to go look at houses, in the dark anyway. So now we really have to get it in gear and work on the weekends, Saturdays and Sundays but now we are dodging  football, Thanksgiving and all the Christmas parties that we can find and in real estate, we can find a lot of them!  Then you starting thinking about how you plan to do this all over again the next year. Business planning takes place, you start thinking about taxes or, at least, all that money that you didn’t put aside in the current year! Suddenly you get motivated and pick up the phone! It’s time to sell some houses…See you in March!!

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