Clearing Out the Pet Smell in Your New Home

Clearing Out the Pet Smell in Your New Home

Let’s say you’ve found the perfect house for you and your family at the right price, but there’s one problem. The previous owners had dogs or cats, and that pet scent can be detected throughout the house.

This can be a serious concern for families with allergies, but limiting your options by only considering pet-free homes is going to make it difficult for you to make a deal. There are ways to effectively clear a home of pet smells, and they’re all simple and affordable. Keep in mind, you won’t be able to get rid of those smells and hairs instantly, but these steps will definitely put you on the right track.

Air out the home. Simply opening windows in your new house for a long stretch of time is an excellent start. Obviously, this will be most effective on cool autumn or spring days, especially when there’s a nice breeze blowing outside. Open windows throughout the house, and be sure that curtains are pulled aside and blinds are raised to maximize the amount of air coming into the house.

Clean the floors. No matter how hard people try, dog and cat hair has a way of showing up long after a pet has left the home. Sweep all the floors of your new home thoroughly. Be sure to sweep or vacuum closet floors, and check the floors of cabinets and storage areas, as well as other areas of the house that people tend to overlook. Also important is cleaning the basement floor. After you’ve swept, use a mop or appropriate cleaner to give all floors a little polish. Use a cleaner with a deodorizer.

Clear the air. Air freshening products are another simple and affordable way to make your house smell better. There are a lot of products designed to tackle pet scents, including traditional air fresheners, as well as air-freshening candles and products designed to deodorize furniture.

Consider the carpets. Carpets are the biggest odor traps in a home. Hire a company to clean them, or rent a machine and do it yourself; however, the absolute best way to remove carpet-related odors is to replace the carpet itself. That can be costly, but if your allergies don’t go away, you may want to consider taking that step.

It’s curtain for the curtains. These can also trap odors, and if you’ve kept the previous owner’s curtains, there are products such as steam cleaners that do an excellent job of cleaning them. Another option is to have them dry cleaned.

You shouldn’t have to turn down the home you want because pets lived there. A few simple steps will you have you breathing easy.

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