Nashville’s ‘It City’ Status Brings In Things Other Cities Want!

Nashville’s ‘It City’ Status Brings In Things Other Cities Want!



We have so many things in Nashville that people in other cities would love to have, and with all the growth we’re experiencing, you can expect a lot more soon.

More parks, more events and more businesses are just a few of the positive things that the population boom is bringing to our city.

“We are at the point where a lot of positive factors come together. We have a strong business community, we have a strong creative community, we’re very diverse and we have a strong educational community, lots of startups, lots of forward motion,” said Craig Owensby with the Metro Planning Department.

Riverfront Landing Park on the Cumberland River opened a year and a half ago, and is just one example of what makes Nashville’s park system stand out above the rest.

“We have an outstanding park system, and as part of drawing up the general plan for the next 20 plus years, until 2040, it became very apparent that parks are very important to community members,” explained Owensby.

And you can’t go near downtown without seeing progres

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