The Art of Feng Shui and Home Selling

The Art of Feng Shui and Home Selling

What does the ancient philosophy of Feng Shui have to do with real estate? Many believe that the Chinese art of correct placement can help sell their home faster.

Feng Shui translates to “the wind and the water” and has long been believed to align life with nature. The goal of Feng Shui is to arrange a house with sufficient Qi (pronounced chee)—the living energy of all beings. Sellers use this philosophy as a way of staging their homes to sell faster.

When there’s not enough Qi, advocates believe that the whole land energy is low or depressed and that it can come out in a home sale. For instance, if a seller feels tired and uninspired, this energetic impression is thought to influence visitors and potential buyers.

Followers understand that Feng Shui is all about drawing harmony and good health into one’s life. This can be done by simply rearranging furniture, such as changing where a bed sits in the bedroom or what direction the kitchen chairs are facing.

In Feng Shui ideology, it’s important to use horizontal space in the placement of your furniture and décor. You want to draw the eye to the corner of each room that is diagonal to the door. This makes the room feel larger and creates a “good luck” area.

A bedroom is thought to be a sanctuary for privacy, peace and intimacy. Objects must be placed in pairs throughout the room to increase marital harmony and balance. You also want to place the bed in the position that has the most commanding view of the doorway, which is considered the mouth of the Qi.

The kitchen is even more important because a chef’s energy is imparted into the food. You should never have your back to the door when cooking. If there’s no way to change this, Feng Shui experts believe you should place a mirror behind the stove so you have a clear view of who is entering the kitchen.

Another principal of Feng Shui is that earthy scents are the most appealing to the widest range of people. Add cinnamon and pine scents to your home before homebuyers come inside.

A last tidbit to consider is the location of any “For Sale” signs in the yard. With Feng Shui, it’s believed that signs are much more effective when placed on the right side of the front door, since it is considered the yang, or energetic, side of the home.