Taming Your Closets for a Home Sale

Taming Your Closets for a Home Sale

Admittedly, the closets are probably not top of mind when you’re getting your home ready for a showing, but they can be important selling points, as lots of space is normally something on a house hunter’s wish list.

Who doesn’t want a large walk-in closet in their bedroom? The key with closets is to allow buyers to see the true size and functionality of the space. You don’t need to have a walk-in closet to impress people, but you do need to treat each closet as if it is another room in your house.

Remember, closets around the home—in bedrooms, hallways and bathrooms—can be very appealing to someone who is interested in buying. That’s why you need to make sure they are always at their best.

The simplest way to make a closest more pleasing to the eye is by removing the clutter and making the space seem larger than it really is. To do this, spend some time getting rid of everything you don’t need. You’ll be surprised at how much hasn’t been put to use in years.

Once empty, it’s time to organize. For clothes, get rid of your hanger variety and use the same type of hanger for each item. Use these to group shirts and items into colors with darks on one side and lights on the other. This will make the closet “pop” and provide a more eye-catching impression.

Take everything off the floor so there’s a lot of room. Use shoe racks to organize any footwear and small drawers and shelves to hold sweaters, socks or other items that you can’t hang. Simple and inexpensive shelving can do wonders and are easy to install. If your budget allows, hire a professional closet organizer and have them do their magic. This will really make your closets stand out to prospective buyers.

For a linen closet, you want to make sure that each shelf is neat with the newer towels and sheets up front. You also want to do away with any old bathroom fixtures, bath toys or hotel shampoos that may have found their way into the closet over the years. Again, space is the desired effect.

Always think about what your closets say to prospective buyers. For example, a closet that has clothes for just one person may suggest a recent divorce or death, which could ultimately lead to a low-ball offer. And if the closets are jam-packed with stuff, it can be interpreted that there’s just not enough space in the house, sending the prospective buyer right out the door.